Just because everything has come to a halt around you, doesn’t mean your Wedding planning has to.


What better way to keep busy, lift your spirits and focus on the future!

How to plan your wedding during Covid-19?

Virtually of course! 

Covid-19 may have you feeling like your wedding plans have come to a standstill but they really don’t have to. There are a whole number of things you can do to keep the wedding plans rolling.


Maybe your wedding was planned and then sadly postponed, or perhaps you had prepared for guest restrictions at 30 but now face having to cut back to 15 - try not to overthink it. Unfortunately this is out of your control and stressing will only cause further heartache.


If you do feel uncertain about everything, or cannot find the answers you are looking for, or perhaps you just want to go over your Covid-19 wedding plan with a dedicated wedding planner, drop me a message and I will do everything I can to advise and help.

Wedding Tent

If you have just gotten engaged - perhaps during lockdown! Congratulations, now is the perfect time to start planning! Perhaps you have recently gone back to work after being Furloughed, or you were fortunate enough to work throughout lockdown and have been busier than ever, why not drop me a message and see if I can help you get started on this exciting journey.

Wedding Budget

Covid-19 has and continues to affect most people financially and although that Dream Wedding may seem worth the financial investment, now is the perfect time to evaluate how much you are really comfortable spending on this special occasion.


I’ve spoken to a number of couples that have used this time to reflect on what is really important to them for their wedding day and the answer has been largely the same - Marrying the person I love. 

With that in mind, my advice has been and continues to be that small intimate weddings can be ultra luxurious and shared with their closest family and friends. Shifting the focus from quantity to quality.


Virtual Venue Show Around

If you are just starting out on your wedding planning journey, perhaps you are still searching for that perfect venue, maybe you have even discarded some of your favourites because they aren’t doing face to face show around. 

Take a Step Back - Go back and look over your shortlist. Many wedding venues have adapted and are now offering  Zoom tours or 360 virtual tours. Some venues have even agreed to take smaller deposits to ease the financial pressure on couples.


If you have hired a wedding planner, they may be familiar with your shortlisted venues so a virtual tour along with their knowledge could be enough to help you feel confident to secure your perfect venue.


Remember, once you get the venue nailed down, having already determined the budget and guest numbers, many of the smaller details will start to fall into place. Wedding planning is fun, take the time to enjoy it.

Wedding Day
Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Suppliers

Many wedding suppliers are very much operating even though our weddings have all been postponed. Many venues hold a recommended suppliers list and you should request this upon booking. This gives you time to start researching your favourites and in some cases may provide you with ideas you hadn’t considered!


When researching suppliers, I look at both their websites and instagram profiles. Websites provide a great indicator of how professional the company is, whilst instagram profiles offer a more indepth, personal insight to the team, the product or the service. 


Unless you have your heart set on a supplier, I would always recommend gathering a minimum of three quotes to ensure you can accurately compare pricing, quality and service. Whilst some suppliers are not as busy in comparison to normal wedding season, they will no doubt be happy to help and quick to respond. In some cases, they may also be receptive to payment plan options for budget conscious couples.

Complimentary Video Consultations

Having seen how venues and suppliers have adapted and continued to do business in this strange contact-free world, I felt I had to follow suit to continue helping couples plan their special day.

I now offer virtual wedding consultations, and as with my normal initial consultations, these are 100% free and without obligation to book.


For wedding planners, such as myself, it is not uncommon to plan weddings via video chat. We live in a world where everyone is busy and sometimes days can run away with us, having the option of someone on the end of a video chat can be a godsend, 

Should you need, I am currently available to contact for free wedding advice and guidance for any couples who are unsure how to proceed through Covid-19 and the planning journey.